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Match Day Costs
Mr Mariner is taking his family to the match. Help him to work out the cost.
John Smith Stand (Adult) £15.00
  (Child) £6.00
Main Stand (Adult) £14.00
  (Child) £6.00
Pantoon Stand (Adult) £12.00
  (Child) £6.00
Old Aged Pensioners £8.00

1. If Mr Mariner takes Molly and Michael to the match, how much will it cost them to sit in the Pontoon Stand?

2. Granny and Grandad Mariner take the children to another match - how much will it cost for them all to sit in the Main Stand?

3. Mr Mariner is thinking of buying himself a Pontoon Stand season ticket, it costs £228. If there are 23 home games how much money will he save? (You may use a calculator).

4. If he has saved that much, how many games will he watch for free?

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Fit for Football, Fit for Life