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Grimsby Town chairman Kenny Kipper wants to work out how many tickets he can sell for the big cup game - help him to work out the answer.

Main Stand: 2,394  
Osmond Stand: 1,807

Corner Seats : 927

John Smiths Stand: 2,864

Osmond Stand: 1,876  
Aerial Photo

1. Blundell Park Ground Capacity =

2. If the Osmond Stand is full of Mad United fans for the big game, how many Grimsby Town fans will be at the match?

3. If each supporter at the match pays an average of £10 to get in, how much money will Kenny Kipper have to spend on new players?

4. In 1937 a record crowd of 31,657 came to Blundell Park to watch Grimsby v Arsenal. How many more is this than the current capacity?

More photos of the stands are here:

John Smith Stand Osmond Stand
Main Stand Pontoon Stand
General Photo

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