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Molly and Michael Interview Grimsby Town Player/Manager - Paul Groves

Molly: How often do you and your team train?

Paul: A minimum of 4 training sessions per week. Each session lasts for 2 hours and is usually broken into three parts. There will be a warm up - jogging at half then full pace, some stretching exercises. All of these get the heart and lungs going, pump blood around the body, getting the body warm. Then we have the middle training session usually involving a crossing drill, unopposed play with build up, going into 7v7 small sided game and then some running activities. All the time we are putting ideas and play movements into the players. Finally we have a warm down - gentle stretching to bring down the body temperature, to return the body to its normal resting state.

Michael: What do you and your team do to build up energy for the training programme?

Paul: The team are continually refuelling. That means we are providing a high carbohydrate diet (see G.T.F.C. healthy eating plan), plenty of fluids such as mineral water and fruit juices and rest periods allowing the body to prepare for the next activity. Fill up your fluid tank.

Molly: Does it hurt when you exercise?

Paul: At G.T.F.C. we are continually developing the players awareness of the importance of the warm up (see exercise page) and warm down as well as being mentally prepared. Our training programme endeavours not only to provide support and assistance to develop soccer skills and awareness but also the physical, physiological and mental development by the formation of good habits from an early stage. The development of skills is a means of improving performance but also a means of preventing injury. One of the most important factors in the development of skills is the ability to recognise fatigue. At G.T.F.C. our fitness programme incorporates strength, power, endurance, exercise, flexibility, co-ordination, mental state and diet.

Michael: Can you give us five aspects which you look for in a healthy lifestyle of your players?

Paul: I'll look for fitness, a healthy diet, a desire and commitment to their profession, a sense of enjoyment of their work and a personal awareness of the effects of drugs, alcohol, tobacco.

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Fit for Football, Fit for Life