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Food and Exercise

Click here for general information for teachers about Fit for Football, Fit for Life. This includes extra information about printing, links to all the information for teachers sections and general information. (Teacher information about 'Food and Exercise' is on this page.)

Literacy teacher planning for the following pages:

Food Groups

Molly and Michael's Healthy Eating

G.T.F.C.'s Healthy Eating

Heart, Lungs and Muscles


An Interview with Paul Groves

There are also addition pages without teacher's notes:
What is a serving / portion?
Glossary - What does that mean - Football helps you out

Linking Grimsby Town Football Club (G.T.F.C.) with Literacy and Numeracy material.

WEEK 1 - G.T.F.C. to introduce the diaries, certificates and to take heart rates. Making it personal, injecting enthusiasm, especially for diary writing.
The diary is here Instructions about printing this are here

WEEK 2 - Literacy - food groups linked to G.T.F.C. working on exercises really pushing themselves and what is required to perform these activities eg. Foods.
Numeracy - activities connected to literacy if possible.

WEEK 3 - Literacy - healthy eating - G.T.F.C. to run a programme highlighting what food needed for stamina speed, specific muscles required for certain activities.
Numeracy - activities connected to literacy if possible.

WEEK 4 - Literacy - hearts, lungs and muscles.
G.T.F.C. to organise a programme/activities highlighting need the importance of these organs etc.
Numeracy - activities connected to literacy if possible.

WEEK 5 - Literacy - exercise - G.T.F.C. to discuss pupils attitude to exercise, talk about his own programme and its importance etc. Pupils to do a water down version of G.T.F.C.'s programme - talk about healthy lifestyles.
Numeracy - Activities connected to literacy if possible.

WEEK 6 - Literacy - evaluation - G.T.F.C. to do programme but spend time on evaluating what they have learned so far, encouraging pupils to fill in diary at home over summer and to give out participation certificates.
Numeracy - various activities, if possible connected to literacy programme.

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