Food and Exercise
Fit for Football, Fit for Life


(What's it mean?)
I didn't know what they meant,
so I thought I'd give you some help!

Carbohydrates - foods which give us power and energy.
Starch and sugars are carbohydrates. It's things like bread, pasta, chips, crisps, chocolate and even vegetables and fruit.

Cereal - food such as wheat, corn or rice, which are grown for us to eat. I have this for breakfast...

Endurance - perseverance. Keep going...and going...and going...and...

Fat - food which is high in energy. It helps to make the body warm. Yummy, this will fill me up and up and...up.

Fatigue - weariness. Oh dear I'm tired.

Flexibility - versatile, pliable, able to bend. I have trouble bending - I'm sure you don't. Molly and Michael are brilliant at bending.

Impurities - foreign matter. Bits that shouldn't be there - ever had a fly in your drink!

Mobility - shifting positions readily, not fixed. Move that body, yeah!

Nutrients - protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals are all nutrients. err...where's that dictionary?

Profession - vocation. The job a person does or is trained to do. I want to be a professional football when I grow up...

Refuelling - to top up. Get some more energy with more food. All this exercise is making me hungry!

Warm down - activities to return body to normal resting state. Getting that body going. I have trouble first thing in the morning do you?

Warm up - activities to prepare the body for undertaking any physical activity.
Oh yea chill out

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Fit for Football, Fit for Life