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You need to prepare yourself correctly before you undertake any physical activity. This preparation is called a warm up.

A warm up aims to:
1. Prepare the cardiovascular (heart and blood system) and respiratory (lungs) system for the activity.
2. Increase the body temperature, including the muscle tissues, by increasing the blood flow through the body.
3. Stimulate reflex activity related to balance and co-ordination.
4. Achieve full joint mobility in the specific joints involved in the activity.

Below are some of the warm up activities
undertaken by G.T.F.C.
Standing Quad Stretch
Keep back straight through exercise.
To increase stretch pull foot up and take leg back. Hold. Bend knee forward & up to relax between stretches
Adductor Stretch
Place feet as wide as possible.
Facing forwards bend knee until you feel stretch. Hold. Push back up to straightened knee to relax between repetitions.
Calf Stretch (Soleus)
Keep feet pointing forward, straight back. Bend both knees. Squeeze back knees. Squeeze back knee further forward pressing heel down.
Seated Adductor Stretch
Keep back straight. Press knee down towards the floor and hold.

Remember - a warm down follows the opposite pattern to warm up. Begin with mild jogging, then gentle stretches of the major muscles and finally gentle jogging and end with a brisk walking activity. A shower afterwards is advisable rather than a hot bath as they can promote muscular stiffness.

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Fit for Football, Fit for Life