Drug Awareness
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Before we looked at the problem of giving up something we are addicted to. (SeeWhat it means to be Addicted and Addiction and trying to give up.)

It is easier to prevent addiction than escape from it. But sometimes people put us under pressure to try things and we don't feel strong enough to just say "no".

Sam is addicted to cigarettes - he wants to stop smoking because,

His clothes smell of cigarette smoke
His fingers have turned yellow
He never has any money as he spends it all on cigarettes
His teeth are going a yellow colour
His breath smells of cigarettes
He has a bad cough and gets out of
breath easily
He is always asking to borrow money
and his friends/family are sick of it

Can the class think of ways to help him give up?

How would you advise other people if they are thinking about trying smoking?

What are the other more important dangers of smoking - research them in groups.

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Fit for Football, Fit for Life