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Information for Teachers on
Drug Awareness

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Teacher information about 'Drug Awareness' is on this page.

A series of lessons on drugs and their effects.

Lesson 1 - What Are Drugs?
Children to work through 'what are drugs?' sheet and 'when have you taken a drug?'

Whole class discussion about taking medicines - see discussion questions on 'when have you taken a drug?'

To end the session work through and discuss what are drugs? - Molly and Michael sheet.

Lesson 2 - Drugs In School Survey
Prior to the lesson, send 2 children around the school to ask teachers/office staff about what drugs are kept in the classroom/office/medical rooms. These 2 children to fill in 'drugs in school survey' sheet.

To start the lesson, discuss what drugs we think would be found in school.

As whole class look at results of the survey and record on sheet. Discuss the results of the survey.

Lesson 3 - Drinking Alcohol
Brainstorm favourite drinks. Explain that some people drink alcohol for the way it makes them feel.

Children to read sentences about alcohol and see if they think they are true.

Discuss that they are all true. Explain that the effects of alcohol depends upon responsible use and misuse. Work through sheets on sensible use of alcohol and misuse of alcohol.

Class discussion on what it means to be addicted to alcohol and the effects of continuous misuse.

Lesson 4 - What It Means To Be Addicted
Discussion on being 'hooked' to items such as computer games, chocolate, sport, T.V. etc.

From sheet discussion on addiction and how it can always have negative effects.

Discuss feelings connected with 'giving up' - as on sheet.

As a class brainstorm ways you can help people give up things they are addicted to.

Explain that it is easier if someone is not addicted in the first place. Discuss why people become addicted - why do people try things in the first place - such as smoking - discuss peer pressure and ways of saying NO.

Lesson 5 - Smoking
Discuss effects of being addicted to cigarettes - why people want to give up smoking.

How can you help people to give up smoking?

Discuss and research the dangers of smoking.

Draw attention to the quote from Paul Graves (see big book p8-9) - regarding expectations of players.

Why do you think footballers are discouraged from smoking?

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