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Drinking Alcohol

With your class, brainstorm together a list of your favourite drinks. Why did you choose the one you did?

Usually it will be because it tastes nice!

However, people drink alcohol for the way it makes them feel.

From the list below tick the sentences you think are true.

- drinking alcohol makes you friendlier
- drinking alcohol can damage your liver
- drinking alcohol helps you relax
- drinking alcohol can make you sick
- drinking alcohol makes you feel grown up
- drinking alcohol is cool
- drinking alcohol is a good way of celebrating happy events
- drinking alcohol helps people have a good time
- people have more accidents when they've drunk alcohol
- people drink alcohol to help forget unhappy feelings
- people do things and forget they've done them after drinking
- people get more aggressive and violent after drinking alcohol
- people get addicted to alcohol
- many people die in road accidents caused by alcohol
- people have a 'good time' drinking alcohol

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Fit for Football, Fit for Life