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What it Means to be Addicted

Are you 'hooked' on anything?
T.V.? Computer Games? Chocolate Bars? Sport? Fishing? Bikes?

John is 'hooked' on computer games. He loves playing them more than anything else. He can't go a day without playing them - he has become addicted to them.

Playing computer games can be fun and exciting but look carefully at some of the negative effects it has on John.

He gets restless when he's not playing them
His eyes get tired with the concentration
When he starts playing he finds it hard to stop, his homework often
doesn't get done.
He often misses out when his friends are doing other things
He always wants a win and feels bad when the game
beats him.
He always has to borrow money to play, and it makes him unpopular
  Sometimes, he has stolen money to play, and that makes him feel bade about himself  

Can you think of anything negative about things you are 'hooked' on?

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Fit for Football, Fit for Life